Sunday, December 20, 2009

SharePoint 2010 Questions

Few days back I was looking for interview questions on SharePoint 2010 but didn't find good source. I have created one set here. Answers to question is either true or false.

1. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 4.0 is build on top of WSS 3.0?
2. SharePoint Server 2010 works with IIS 7.0 only?
3. SharePoint Server 2010 built on top of .NET Framework 3.5?
4. To debug custom code deployed on SharePoint Server 2010 need VS.NET 2010 to start as Admin?
5. PowerShell support effectively replaces STSADM.exe?
6. SharePoint Explorer for site exploration available in VS.NET 2010 uses OOB web services to connect to SharePoint Server 2010?
7. SharePoint Explorer for site exploration available in VS.NET 2010 can’t be extended by Developer?
8. Solution developed using SharePoint 2010 Project template in VS.NET 2010 must have at least one feature?
9. SPI stands for SharePoint Project Items?
10. To debug custom web part in VS.NET 2010, onc should manually attach debugger to W3WP.exe worker process?
11. SharePoint Server 2010 uses new Web 3.0 view technology?
12. In MSF 4.0, “WebDeleted” & “WebDeleting” are new events?
13. MSF 4.0 allows to change asynchronous even to synchronous through Object Model?
14. MSF 4.0 introduces capability to cancel error and redirect user to custom error page?
15. Workflow code does not contain information of current user and runs under system account only?
16. MSF 4.0 introduces the capability to have a relationship behavior enforced by a lookup field?
17. Join can be implemented on Relational List using browser interface?
18. Use of SPLinq gives better performance over CAML while doing join on Relational Lists?
19. MSF 4.0 lists can support 50M items under all(read/write) scenarios?
20. List query size threshold can be enabled at Farm level?
21. Developer have full control to override querying the large list settings?
22. Maximum number of view fields selected for a joined of joins on a list view is 5?
23. Unique column constrains is scoped at Folder level in list?
24. When making existing column unique, exiting data will be deleted?
25. Item level validation allows to setup formula to validate item before it saved?
26. To use Linq with SharePoint, one must learn CAML?
27. DataContext class is core part of Linq for SharePoint?
28. Client Object Model uses Object Model to communicate with SharePoint Server?
29. The XAP files can be deployed to LAYOUTS folders?
30. JavaScript files in are compressed and can’t be modified?
31. VISIO can be used to develop Workflow and VS.NET 2010 is not longer required for workflow development?
32. Workflow developed in SharePoint 2010 Designer can be exported as WSP?
33. SharePoint 2010 web site can be edited in SharePoint Designer 2007?
34. Workflow can be attached at Site Level?
35. External Data Exchange services allows workflow to interact with LOB system?
36. SSP in no longer required in SharePoint Server 2010?
37. Onc should create Custom Services when data and features are specific to site template?
38. BCS is new name for BDC?
39. BCS can be extended by developing .NET Connector Assemblies in VS.NET 2010?
40. BCS uses Process Account to Authentication while accessing LOB?
41. Web Analytics is new Feature in SharePoint Server 2010?
42. External Content Type and Enterprise Content Type are same?
43. Enterprise Content Type are not allowed at Farm Level?
44. Enterprise Content Types can be derived from Site Content Type?
45. Keywords & Tags are new in SharePoint Server 2010?
46. MOSS 2007 Record Router = SharePoint 2010 Document Router?
47. Document Set is collection of documents?
48. Shared Column can’t be created for Document Set?
49. Version can’t be applied on Document Set?
50. Unique document ID service is enabled at Site Collection Level by Default?
51. Enterprise Search do not have PowerShell support?
52. User Contextual Search is available only in FAST Search for SharePoint?
53. Reporting Services ships with SharePoint 2010?
54. MOSS 2007 Reporting Center Template = BI Center Site Template in SharePoint 2010?
55. Excel Services is Server Hosting of Excel calculation Engine?
56. Only Site Collection Administrator can upload Sandboxed solution?
57. Each Sandboxed solution is isolated to its Site collection?
58. Sandboxed solution can be deployed at Web Application Level?
59. Site Definitions can’t be deployed using Sandboxed solutions?
60. Assembly deployed using Sandbox solution are copied to Bin Directory of Web Application?
61. Using Sandbox solution, one can create multiple sub site under same site collection?
62. Sandbox solution can be disabled by Site Collection Administrator using browser interface?
63. Sandbox solution code is compiled against the full SharePoint API?
64. Sandbox solution can be blocked from Central Admin only?
65. One Assembly deployed using one Sandbox solution can be accessed by other Sandbox solution in same Site Collection?
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